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Counselors at Discovery are prepared to intervene in many situations that life brings to the surface. We have counselors that specialize in many areas. Our services include premarital counseling, marriage, remarriage, divorce, children, adolescents, family issues, addiction recovery, depression, anxiety, mood issues, and other life problems.

Thanks for all the great feedback!

One of the joys here at Discovery Counseling is seeing people's lives changed, families reunited, marriages saved, and people move from brokenness to healing.

Here are just a few of the thank-you notes we have received over the years. The names of the people who have written to us have been left off, as well as the specific counselor, to protect our client's confidentiality.

Marriage Counseling

My husband and I had tried everything and then we found Discovery Counseling. Our counselor was outstanding. Counseling was not easy but much better than going through a divorce which is where we were headed. We highly recommend him.

Substance Abuse Problems

To say I have tried them all is an understatement.  But I was in trouble again and my lawyer said I had to find someone.  So I did.  I did not expect anything different.  Boy was I wrong.  I found understanding, help, and no nonscience.  At one of the first session, my counselor said that I was too smart for my own good and I thought I could outwit any counselor.  That is what I thought.  I was just counting time.  Now I call when I need help because I know my counselor will help me build the tools I need to succeed.  

Anger Management

If you are looking for a counselor that will just put you through the motions, don't call here.  Your counselor will make you work!  The good news, it works.  

Marriage Problems

We'd been having marriage problems for years. DG was the next in a series of counselors my wife dragged me to and the last. The difference is, he actually helped. He brings so much more to the table as far as a counselor. At times he was gentle; at times he was Dr. Phi direct. He always seemed to know what to do and what to say. I knew at the end of the first session that if I was serious about having a better marriage, this was the man who could help. What I wasn't expecting was the help I got in other aspects of my life including my business. I can only say good things about DG.

The Best

I can't say enough about what a help it was to find the folks at Discovery Counseling. They are outstanding. They bring life experience that is so helpful. And they know how to make working on the problems in life actually fun .. well at times. If you are looking for help, this is the place to go !!!!

Marriage Counseling Works!

Many people told us to not bother with marriage counseling, it never works. Our kids asked us to try counseling and give our marriage one last shot. We picked our counselor because he worked for a nonprofit organization. The choice was great. He has helped us rebuild our marriage. We just got back from our second honeymoon. It was not easy but with his help it was possible. He is the best !!!!!

Amazing Counselor

DG is an amazing counselor. He has helped me make changes in my life that has me actually looking forward to tomorrow. Can't imagine where I would be if a friend had not recommended him.

Life Coach

I had a problem at work; she helped me work through the issues. I highly recommend her.

Struggles at Work

I was struggling with issues at work. I was at the point where I thought I was going to lose my job. She really helped me. I even got a promotion. SHE IS THE BEST !!!

Career Problems

I felt like I was stuck in quicksand. Nothing in my life was working and I could not see a way to make it work. I have never gone to a counselor or life coach before seeing CG. Sure wish I had found her sooner. She has helped me redesign both my career as well as my personal life. I highly recommend her.

 Comfortable and Safe

My counselor at Discovery was a great help. I now have hope for the future. I had hit bottom after spending years in an abusive situation. Working with my counselor I found the strength to move forward with my life. Definitely, a place to go when you need help.


I grew up thinking that I had to be the one who had to do everything for everyone. That was my God-given role. My counselor helped me see how to set realistic boundaries. I am happier, my marriage is better because I can now say No and not feel guilty.


This is just a quick note to say thanks for all the help. C G is a great counselor. She listened well and worked with me to help me work through my problems.

Looking Forward to Tomorrow

DG is an amazing counselor. He has helped me make changes in my life that has me actually looking forward to tomorrow. I can't imagine where I would be if a friend had not recommended him.

Helped My Teenager

My daughter was struggling with all the issues of being a teenager. My counselor met with her and got her through those troubles years -- which of course made things at home much better. I highly recommend Discovery Counseling.


Thanks. Thanks. Thanks. My dark cloud of depression is gone. When I feel it coming back, I just think about what I learned while working with my counselor. Identify the irrational thought, dispute the thought, and rethink my emotional reactions.

Premarital Counseling

My husband and I approached marriage with several obstacles; second marriage for each of us, I am Jewish he is Irish-Catholic. We did not want to make the same mistakes we had made in our first marriages and we wanted to start our marriage with good skills. A friend recommended Discovery Counseling. The first session of premarital counseling, the counselor said his goal was to get us to fight – so we could learn how to fight. That mission was accomplished. Now when we do have a disagreement, we often laugh because we can hear what our counselor had said. We took two tests, Prepare and Enrich and Myers Briggs Personality. These tests helped us see things about ourselves. Understanding where my husband and I are alike or different has been the key we use to work through issues. My Mom paid for the premarital counseling. This was the best present she could have given us.

Helping Me Handle My Grief

I came in mad at God and hurting so bad I didn't think I could go on with life. My husband had been my best friend and he was gone in an instant. I found an open caring counselor who listened to my hurt, allowed me to cry, and helped me heal. She was an answer to prayer. I could not have made it through this valley without her.

Divorce Recovery

DG is great. I was a mess and did not know where to turn until I found D. I had no idea in what direction my life was going. Divorced and adrift is how I described my life. He helped me find a direction and heal from the pain of my divorce.

Helped Us Blend Two Families

We were struggling with how to deal with two families becoming one. Our kids struggled with the death of one parent and divorce. To say we were in trouble is an understatement. What a joy to have found Discovery Counseling. I have no idea where we would have been if we had not found them. Thanks.


I was seriously depressed. My day was filled with tears and sleeping as much as possible. My Doctor recommended Discovery Counseling. Medication had not helped.

Troubled Teen

We were ready to throw in the towel and send our son off to somewhere, we just did not know where. Then we came in to see our counselor. It took a while but we are now working on family issues as a family. Thank You!

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Feedback from Clients