Guest Speaker, Pulpit Supply

Pulpit Supply - Assisting Pastors and Local Churches

What is Pulpit Supply? - Pulpit supply is simply filling the pulpit when a local church is without a pastor. Many churches do not have anyone to lead the service when a pastor becomes sick, takes an extended leave, or in times that the church is searching for a new pastor entirely.

We have seminary graduates who are available to help your congregation met a temporary need.

Guest Speakers.

Our counselors are available as a guest speaker for your organization.  Some of the talks they have given are:

  • Presentation on Grief Cycle to Hospice of Virginia
  • The Marriage Dance
  • Attachment Disorder, How to Deal With Its Effects
  • Handling Stress at Work
  • Divorce and its Impact on Children
  • Helping Children: Need for the Community
  • Putting Balance Into Your Life
  • The Cycles of Marriage
  • Need for a Community
  • Stress, Controlling It - Before It Controls You
  • Building a Strong Marriage
Guest Speaker Pulpit Suppy