Marriage Counseling Intensive

In addition to help couples through marriage counseling, Discovery Counseling will work with your organization or church to offering an intensive marriage counseling program.

Our typical program consists of group sessions as a couple, group sessions with just husbands and sessions with just wives and individual couple counseling.

What are some of the benefits of this program?

  • One is focus, you are away from your daily distractions
  • You and your spouse have a chance to practice the skills to build a better marriage and get immediate feedback from a trained counselor.
  • Couples more quickly realize core issues and hidden obstacles to a successful marriage without the normal one hour, once a week time constraints. 
  • Group sessions allow for support in dealing with problems.

Our premarital counseling and marriage counseling programs have help hundreds of couples.  Couples who need help with a range of issues.  Click here to read an interesting article on the help, working with a team, we provided a one couple.

Help is available and yes, it is very likely, your marriage can be saved!

Marriage Intensive