Tele-Counseling or In Person Counseling

How is Tele-counseling different from In-Person counseling?

You may be familiar with the image of counseling taking place in an office, two people sitting across for each other. In-person counseling means face-to-face in the same room with your counselor. The counselor provides the space for your counseling session. While this model is well known, our current day technology has changed this picture. Communication technology makes it possible to access services in the comfort of your own space.

In today’s busy world, many people find it difficult to schedule an hour plus commute to their counselor’s office on a weekly basis. Others do not want to sit in traffic, or may want to meet with someone who is not located in their neighborhood. If this is you, then tele-counseling provides a solution that meets your needs.

Counseling and life coaching should be solution-focused and results-oriented, making video sessions an ideal platform for counseling.  Tele-counseling can provide greater ease and flexibility, and research shows it can be just as effective as traditional counseling. So which option should you choose?

Tele-counseling services are provided electronically, meaning that you and your counselor could be miles apart. Your sessions are assisted with technology, such as phone, video conferencing, email, online chat platforms, and even texts. In this model, you are responsible for making sure your space is private and confidential, and you feel comfortable enough to speak freely and be able to benefit from the session in the environment you have created.

Tele-counseling offers the advantage of making counseling services accessible to anyone, anywhere. This makes it easier to access the help you need.   In-person offers direct contact with your counselor and you

Our clients come from Farmville, Prince Edward County, Buckingham County, Dillwyn, 

Appomattox, and Cumberland County and with via tele-counseling beyond driving distance.

In person ... or tele-counseing ... it is your choice!

Tele-counseling or In Person Services