About Discovery Counseling

Discovery Counseling is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization that was founded in 2002.

We work with people from Farmville, Prince Edward County,

Buckingham County, Dillwyn, Appomattox, and Cumberland County .. in person and via tele-counseling.

Our mission is to partner with local churches to provide affordable, Biblical counseling to our community. To accomplish this, we create strategic partnerships with local churches and ministries.

Our unique relationship with churches and ministries of Central Virginia and surrounding areas allows us to also provide a spiritual emphasis in our faith based, Biblical counseling. As we work with you, we encourage spiritual development and growth within the context of a Christian community.

This is our ministry and calling to serve our church family and community. Click here to read about how we build partnering alliances.

Discovery Counseling staff consists of individuals who have earned at least a Master’s degree from the most respected seminaries and graduate schools in our country.

We counsel from a Christian perspective with a focus on being professional, competent, and caring.

Who We Are