Premarital Counseling Program

You are in love and everything is perfect. The date is set for your wedding day.  Now, you are busy planning all the details of your new life.

Research has shown that couples who participate in premarital education have more realistic expectations, handle conflict better and have improved communication skills. Our program is a four session program. This workshop will introduce each couple to a number of useful tools and skills to help strengthen their marriage

The first step in the program is for both of you to complete a Prepare and Enrich questionnaire. PREPARE/ENRICH is an online assessment tool designed to help you understand key elements in your relationship. Also, your learn your and your future spouse's love language and forgiveness language.

The program was developed based on conducting an extensive survey of successful programs and recommendations from pastors.  Click here to read about the survey.

We also offer marriage officiant services ... See our Facebook page .




Premarital Program